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​How Do I Place An Order?


You have the possibility to contact us by the contact form or by mail:

Please indicate:

- Your full name

- From which country you contact us

- Model and Serial Number

- Desired quantity

- How we can reach you

Payment and Shipping


Payment will be made as follows: 

- Transfer of 50% of the purchase price with the order.
- 50% of the purchase price (balance) before shipment of the goods

Payments shall be made in Swiss francs , at the expense of the customer and without deduction, at the registered office of Odyssey Timepieces GmbH or at the place of payment indicated on the invoices.

How does the fundraising in favor of Summit Foundation and Pro Natura Bern work?

Odyssey Timepieces supports Summit Foundation or Pro Natura Bern with a donation of CHF 50.00 on each sale of a watch. The customer who buys a watch directly from Odyssey Timepieces can decide to which of the two organisations a donation should be made.

In addition, Odyssey Timepieces participates in annual campaigns of Summit Foundation and Pro Natura Bern. Customers who have donated can voluntarily participate in such campaigns together with Odyssey Timepieces. Appropriate information will be provided before the campaign.



We offer a twenty-four (24) month guarantee on the watches of Odyssey Timepieces. This guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by accidents, lack of care or negligence. This warranty is rendered void if the work is carried out on the watch by persons who are not authorised to do so by Odyssey Timepieces GmbH.

Other FAQ

Are watches of Bantiger Uhr sold over the Internet?

No. At the moment we do not sell over the Internet.

Are watches of Bantiger Uhr waterproof?

Does a watch of Bantiger Uhr resist to extreme conditions like snow or cold?

Yes, it does. It's in the philosophy of Bantiger Uhr to wear the watch in any life situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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