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About the brand

The Bantiger is a mountain (947 m above sea level) in the canton of Bern in Switzerland. The peak is located in the territory of the municipality of Bolligen. From the Bantiger - almost a hundred meters higher than the Bernese local mountain Gurten - you have a panoramic view with a view of the Bernese Alps and the Jura.

For a long time, I didn't know how I wanted to call my watch brand. To clear my head, I walked up the Bantiger one Sunday and enjoyed the wonderful view from the tower. And that's when the decision was made: I founded the watch brand Bantiger Uhr!

World environment day and sustainable environment concept in father - children's volunteer

Mission: locally and sustainably produced watches

Being a person who feels close to nature, it's my vision to integrate sustainability and animal cause in the creation of my watches.


That's why I don't use mother-of-pearl or exotic leathers like alligator or snakeskin. Wherever possible, I choose responsible and sustainable solutions in my production.



Our natural brown sturgeon leather bracelet can proudly claim to be a pure product from the canton of Bern. Sturgeon farming in the Tropical House in Frutigen forms the foundation of the bracelet. The sturgeon skins that fall off from their caviar production are processed into unique Swiss fish leather at the Zeller tannery in Steffisburg. This leather is used in Sabina Brägger's studio to make the leather bracelets for Bantiger Uhr. Sturgeon leather is extremely durable and robust! In addition, the leather is water-resistant - so it can be worn in the shower and during sports. Please find more information about the product and the project here:

Sabina Brägger swiss materials, design & products GmbH.


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Vision: Live is an adventure!

According to my understanding, life is an adventure. That's how I get most out of it!

Paulo Coelho once said, "One day you'll wake up and you won't have time for the things you wanted to do. Do them now." So that's what I did: I created my own watch brand.

The vision of seeing life as an adventure is something I also want to share with my clients. The watches I create will accompany people on their individual life adventure and remind them that the only way to have time is to take time. Enjoy it!

Logo & Zytglogge

One of the main tourist attractions in Bern is the clock tower, or Zytglogge. The tower itself was part of the original city walls at the beginning of the 13th century. The great bell was cast in 1405. The clock is more recent, but it is nevertheless one of the oldest town clocks in Switzerland: its mechanism dates back to 1530.

The exterior appearance of the tower is dominated by the elements of the late Baroque reconstruction. The large clock face is framed by a mural by Viktor Surbeck from 1930. The mural is supposed to represent the beginning of time. The hour strike, both tower clocks, the figure clock and the astronomical clock are driven by a common mechanism. The calendar clock shows the time of day, days of the week and month, the month itself, as well as zodiacs and moon phases.

This venerable clock not only inspired Albert Einstein regarding his theory of relativity, but also myself in creating the logo for Bantiger Uhr.

Astronomical clock on the medieval Zytglogge clock tower in Kramgasse street in old city c
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